I am a Boston based Video Artist with a MFA in Visual Art from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University and a background in news videography. My artistic interest is in the re-contextualization of disturbing themes and their associated images.
As governments and the media continue to oversimplify and pigeon hole events for easy consumption by the public, we progressively lose the ability to be moved by the images. I examine the resulting emotional detachment that accompanies the growing banality of once terrorizing and shocking imagery. I question the morality of a modern public which has become saturated by a constant stream of alarming images. I expose the ugliness of the media spectacle and the impact of images on our feelings, our knowledge and our memory
I recontexualize media in a deliberate attempt to create metaphorical representation to transcend the specificity of the media and allow the viewer to experience the pain and fear lacking in main stream media presentations. This website contains my portfolio of video pieces, which are all available for exhibition and purchase. My current interests are directed toward underwater cinematography and the ephemeral nature of the universe. Juxtaposing commonplace and temporal themes within alien environments.
"RE: CLASSIFIED” - Lesley University College of Art and Design MFA Alumni Biennial Exhibition ( June, 2015)
Warehouse XI - Sanborn Court, Somerville, MA
Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival (Summer 2015)
Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy
[dis]Corporate Bodies #7: Pause In A Storm (Online June 2015)
Videoart.net Screening Partnership Program 2013
Tannerhof Hotel and Gallery, Bayrischzell, Germany
"Objectified" AIB/MFA Biennial Alumni Exhibition
Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA (January 2013)
Videoart.net Screening Partnership Program 2013
Tannerhof Hotel and Gallery, Bayrischzell, Germany
LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES: VII Ediz. Video Art & Pop Cultures
Primo Piano LivinGallery Viale G. Marconi 4 Lecce, Italy 73100 (June 23-30 2012)
Mana Contemporary Art Center
888 Newark Ave, Jersey City, New Jersey (May-June, 2011)
The Gallery at the Art Center in Hargate- AIB/MFA Alumni Show
St Paul’s School, Concord, NH (April 1-30, 2011)
Fourth Wall Projects - AIB/MFA Alumni Show
132 Brookline Ave., Boston, MA (January 7-14, 2011)
"Escape Behaviors" an installation of insects, brass and charred wood. will be included in the exhibition AIB/MFA ALUMNI SHOW @ Fourthwall Projects.
January 7-14 2011. The Fourthwall Projects Gallery 132 Brookline Ave. Boston MA
MediaNoche Gallery, 1355 Park Ave, New York, N.Y. Group multimedia show July 30-September 21, 2010.
"Eleanor" will be included in the New York Video Art and Experimental Film Festival 2010
Videoart.net, the leading international network for video art and experimental film, is thrilled to present its first annual Video Art and Experimental Film Festival. The two-hour screening will include a wide spectrum of international contemporary video art and experimental films followed by a lively and dynamic panel discussion. The festival will conclude with a reception (open bar for wine, beer and food). The event will take place on May 22nd, 2010 at Tribeca Cinemas, 54 Varick Street, New York, NY.